Questo Gizmo LLC has dissolved and the Dice Shield is no longer available for purchase*
A Brief History ... 2012-2017

The Dice Shield was a patent-pending elevated dice tray that let you roll above your game, saving lots of table space and saving your game from out of control dice! Conceived during a multi-month Risk Legacy tournament in 2012, the Dice Shield sold hundreds of hand-made units across the world. Questo Gizmo LLC ceased business in 2016 and officially dissolved the LLC in 2017.


Today the only way to get a Dice Shield is to make it yourself. Plans to make a Dice Shield "Tri" are available for free on where you can order laser cutting on demand. Give it a Tri!

two Dice Shields over miniatures on a table. The left
         Dice Shield has short legs and the Dice Shield on the right has long legs.

one Dice Shields over miniatures on a table, showing the locking mechanism from the top.

Here is a computer rendering of one design we've prepared for manufacturing: